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Downtown Bernardsville

This bustling downtown along route 202 contains many small shops, a movie theater, cafes, and restaurants. We worked closely with the town to increase pedestrian access to these amenities. Several traffic calming measures were implemented to increase the safety of individuals moving about the space. These measures included reducing the road widths, increasing sidewalk widths, […]

Bernardsville Library

The library desired an outdoor area adjacent to the children’s section of the library which would be more inviting and provide more visual stimuli. Low plantings were proposed along the drive to act as a physical buffer. The existing paving was enhanced with natural brick pavers, bluestone accents, and seating. Two kinetic sculptures were added […]

Gill St. Bernard’s School

The school desired a multi-functional space that would be the focal point of the campus. The open lawn area adjacent to the library was chosen for this purpose. The area was re-graded to create a level space. This also provided the opportunity to create terraced seating.  The newly designed space improved campus circulation, creating an […]