About Bosenberg & Landscape Architecture

Bosenberg Landscape Architecture is a comprehensive landscape architectural firm specializing in residential, corporate and municipal landscape site planning and design since 1989; providing services to individuals, private developers, state agencies, corporations, and institutions. Our approach to landscape architecture is one of developing solutions with natural and man-made surroundings. The firm seeks harmony not only in landscape design but also in its responsiveness to the aspiration and requirements of our clients.

Members of our staff are LEED-AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals), a certification designated by the United States Green Building Council. Our firm incorporates sustainable design principles into our projects when possible and strives to use ‘Green Building Principals’ in all of our projects.

Past commissions vary in scale from an intimate rooftop garden to large-scale master plans, with the same attention to quality and detail devoted to all projects, regardless of size. Collaboration with architects, engineers, and other design professionals helps to ensure a consistently high caliber project. Commissioned projects range in locations from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Maine.

The firm has been recognized by the New Jersey Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (NJASLA) for outstanding professional achievement and has been highlighted in several publications, including New Jersey Countryside magazine.

Jim Mazzucco is a Licensed Landscape Architect in the State of New Jersey and Connecticut, working in the industry since 1992. Jim has a vast knowledge of many types of multi-faceted projects and land use cases. Throughout his experience, he has provided expert design guidance for projects of various scales and complexities, from intimate residential gardens and complex and detailed green roof gardens to large scale commercial developments. His education began at an early age while working at his family’s nursery and continued as he worked in the construction field while attending college. Jim is a graduate of the University of Georgia, School of Environmental Design where he received a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. During his studies with the university, he was fortunate to be able to participate in the studies abroad program where he was immersed in the diverse culture, art, history, and historic landscapes of Western Europe. After joining the firm in 1992, he continues to broaden and refresh his educational knowledge through lectures and classes on the cutting edge of technology and green development.

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John Olivo is a licensed Landscape architect in New Jersey and began practicing in 2000. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (Cook College), Rutgers University. He has also been recognized by the United States Green Building Council, as a LEED accredited professional. John has collaborated on a wide range of projects applying a combination of innovative and traditional solutions to design and planning challenges. John’s deep interests in art, natural systems, and design dovetail into the cradle of landscape architecture and its role in design. His experiences traveling abroad have allowed him to see how different cultures and communities address various design challenges; the same challenge can be solved in many ways. The interactions between art, science, and nature produce our culture; the ever-changing ecosystem that has shaped our past, present, and will shape our future. John knows that these interactions lead to constantly evolving possibilities for us to flourish as communities and individuals. The road to true sustainability begins with the individual. John sees landscape architecture as playing a vital role in the design collaborative that can mesh technical, ecological, aesthetic and logistical needs; creating holistic solutions that are equitable and sustainable for nearly any challenge. These ideals and adaptive methodologies guide John in the search for a better design. I do not think the measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are, But rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow man. ~ Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe


Meredith Carman is a graduate of Rutgers University holding a degree in Landscape Architecture from Cook College and a New Jersey Certified Landscape Architect since 1999. She has traveled throughout the United States and abroad studying old town development, community design and general design strategies. Meredith grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey and retains a love and respect for the environment and a great sense of community spirit. This has prompted her to be active in her current community of Highland Park where she serves on the design review committee for Main Street Highland Park, supporting their development as a sustainable community. With the help of Sustainable New Jersey, she was integral in the installation of edible gardens at all the public schools in town. She is pleased to spend time with the students and members of the community teaching them the importance of local food production and the value of native plants in our ecosystems. Meredith also returns to Rutgers University as a guest lecturer and juror, further exhibiting her commitment to educating others on the importance of our connection to the land. A love of plants, gardening, and community allows Meredith to add great dimension to our projects. As a project manager for the firm, she enjoys working closely with our clients to ensure their desires are met with the most creative and functional of designs, from concept to installation.


Erika Schellinck joined the design team at Bosenberg & Co after graduating magna cum laude from the Landscape Architecture program at Rutgers University in 2018. Throughout her college years, Erika worked as a horticulturalist and sales representative at a nursery in Northern New Jersey where she developed her extensive knowledge of ornamental landscape plants. She became a Landscape Architecture intern at the Rutgers University Golf Course where she worked to integrate sustainable practices into the management of the course and to promote and preserve the wildlife habitat on site. She was nominated for and received a merit award from the New Jersey Chapter of Landscape Architects for her environmental restoration and community planning work in collaboration with the Ramapough Lenape Nation in Ringwood, NJ.

Erika developed her appreciation for nature early in life, growing up in a family of gardeners. Both her travels abroad and her experiences volunteering at a local Indigenous-owned and managed community farm have expanded her views on the interdependent relationship between people and nature. She is passionate about cultivating holistic design solutions for food systems that enable individuals and communities to become increasingly self-sustaining.

In 2021, Erika expanded her skill set while studying and designing regenerative agricultural systems, becoming an Internationally Certified Permaculture Designer. This design philosophy focuses on creating functional and productive landscapes that support and enhance the ecosystems they inhabit. Erika uses her knowledge of plants, ecological systems, and multi-scale site design to assist in the completion of various complex projects at the firm. She is currently on course to becoming a New Jersey licensed Landscape Architect.

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